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Academic Project

Have you ever been frustrated when you realised that you have forgotten to close your windows as it starts to rain? To address this issue, we have designed Closdow, a modular automatic window closer that enable any window to be retrofitted to mimic smart homes. 



Feb 2018 - Apr 2018


Benedict Liu, Gan Zhi Yuan, Howard Liu, Tan Shi Tong, Toh Wen Qi


Design Thinking, Low-Fi & Hi-Fi Prototyping, Marketing


Designer, Graphic Designer, Video Taker and Editor


Solidworks, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe XD



1. Even though smart home windows exists, they are often inaccessible to many due to its high cost and inflexibility. Many home owners are often not willing to reinstall all their windows to those that include smart features. Many office owners are also unable to pay large amounts to install smart windows for every single window in their offices. 

2. Dangerous and cumbersome situations tend to occur when rain enters the building. Examples being damage to non-waterproof parquet flooring, damage to electrical appliances, ruining important documents. These issues can cost large amount of money and time to fix. 

3. From our interviews with the general public, we found that a large amount of people have faced the issue of forgetting to close their windows resulting in inconveniences.




After researching more about this issue, my team and I found that this was a design opportunity worth digging further into: How might we design a solution to help the general public decrease the likelihood of facing issues due to rain entering buildings?


Our final product is an automated window closer that is able automatically close the windows when it detects rain or a high PSI level. Our product can be retrofitted onto any casement windows and new windows do not have to be installed.  We have also created a mobile application along with the product that allow users to close and open the windows whenever they wish to and from wherever they are. 

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